Hair Color Foil Roll

Short Meche


Just like our hair foils Procare meche is designed to help make the colouring process that much easier.

The front of our meche is transparent allowing you to check on colour development at a glance and the non slip header tape holds securely when dry but releases smoothly and easily with the application of water (watch the video to see).

A very professional and simple way to place colour.

Individual Roll

Long Meche

Picture 52975

Suited to longer hair and a favourite with many top colourists, this colour placement alternative is excellent for times when you need to keep an eye on development.

The clear front panel allows you to be moment perfect in your decision making and the strong adhesive strip helps you place colour very close to the root – yet releases effortlessly when you wash out.

Supplied in packs of 200 Procare meche is also particularly suitable for mobile or session work.


Individual Roll