Formostar Body Wrap for Dramatic Weight Loss Results!

Dramatic Weight Loss Results!





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Formostar Far Infrared Body Wrap is a relaxing 50 minute treatment for weight loss and pain management. The far-infrared treatments are also very effective in diminishing the appearance of cellulite! There is never a need to disrobe… it wraps right over your client’s clothing!. It only takes 1 minute to wrap your clients and less than 1 minute to unwrap. Our system is also T-Max timer compatible and made in the USA!. An average client can burn over 1,200 calories or more with just one 50-minute Formostar Body Wrap System Treatment. Your body will burn off those calories throughout the day.

The Formostar Body Wrap System is a very natural non-invasive infrared light therapy processes that reduces body fat, removes stored toxins and enhances body metabolism, resulting in tighter, smoother looking-skin.
The Formostar Encore control unit provides the heat generation to an active carbon fiber matrix contained within the infrared body wrap. Silicone treatment pads provide even heat distribution. It’s easy to use, it’ painless, it’s convenient, and it leaves your clients feeling wonderful!

See Profits immediately:
• Earn $65 to $95 for each 50 minute session
• No need for additional staff
• Easy set-up/ no clean up
• Portable
• Plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet

Formostar Firming Gel
The Formostar Firming Gel aids in speeding up the breakdown of fat and cellulite cells.
Most gels are usually sticky and drying while our Formostar Firming Gel is not sticky and full of luxurious moisturizing ingredients.
This product is also great as an all over body moisturizer for after bathing!
The gel is super easy to use. Before the Formostar session, simply apply the gel ONLY to the areas where the pads are on the skin…these are what you should refer to as the “target” areas of the body.
Gently used from $4000, new from $8000


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