Works with the CUT & FOLD

Specifically created for the CUT & FOLD, this medium-weight, but extremely durable foil will hold up to your most demanding processes, yet give you the ease and flexibility you want.

This is a top quality foil, specially designed for the professional technician and with excellent strength and flexibility.

SILVER FOIL ROLL 120mm x 100m

Individual Roll



Beautiful color, beautifully simple.
This premium range hair foil is specifically designed for use with our 24*7 automatic dispenser.

This high-end, medium weight foil works perfectly with the 24*7 and is supplied on an easy fit core ensuring it is always inserted into the machine correctly.

SILVER FOIL ROLL 120mm x 500m

Individual Roll



Formostar has been a great addition to my practice. My patients are very happy with the results. They find that it works really well to reduce areas like the thighs, stomach and love handles … read more

Alexander Rivkin, M.D.

WESTSIDE AESTHETICS, 11645 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800

We have been using the system at my West Hollywood office for about four months now. Initially, I was skeptical after reading company provided “testimonials” touting a myriad of “miraculous results.” After personally treating a number of patients and continuing to speak to current patients having ongoing treatments … read more

Robert Cohen, M.D.


Thanks for coming up and sharing your knowledge with us all! Our Formostar is well on the way to paying for itself. I started using the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap System in my locations for over a year ago. I have, along with my clients … read more

Michelle Wilson, Body Wrap Shop, Texas